g) Follow all the advice or instructions we give you when we use a service. (For our online investment banking service, you can visit www.banksafeonline.org.uk for useful information for protection against fraud on the Internet.) Reset your login dataIf you already have online bank account credentials, but you need to reset your password or your security/registration number, you can reset them online. 12.3 You are responsible for the accuracy of payment information in imported multiple payment files without recommended online verifications. c) do not disclose your security data by email. If we send you an email We address it to you personally and as an additional security measure, we will always contact you the last three digits of your postcode at the top of each marketing email we send you or we will quote the last four digits of your account number in order to identify us to you, so that you can be sure that it is a real email. If you receive a suspicious email, don`t open it or click on the links it contains, but report it immediately by sending the email to phishing@santander.co.uk 7.1. We will always notify you of such a change, either by placing a message in approved app blinds and/or on our website, or by SMS, email or mail. If a change in the specification results in your device being incompatible with our application or mobile business banking site (bb.santander.co.uk) or with the requirements of one of the services, or if you are unable to perform all of the services` previously executed features, you are responsible for replacing or modifying your devices in order to access the Services correctly. 1.3 Please read these conditions carefully. If you want to refer to it in the future, you can access it on our website at www.santander.co.uk, via our mobile investment banking app or via our banking service over the phone.

Authentication Methods For some transactions, we offer an additional level of security by asking you to enter your security data and/or send an OTP so we can verify it. Learn more about our online security here You can manage your investment bank if it is comfortable for you, with a secure online investment bank. 6.4 We retain all information we store about you after your registration has been deactivated or closed for use of any of the services, or if your registration/activation request is refused or abandoned, as long as it is authorized for legal, regulatory, fraud and other purposes of crime prevention and legitimate business.