2. EDIG Trading Partner Enrollment Form If the above links do not work properly, please download the forms from here:www.hipaacriticalcenter.com/enrollmentandagrements/hospitalphysicandiantradingpartneragrement.aspx3. If the link above doesn`t work, download the form above. By clicking on:www.hipaacriticalcenter.com/835electronicremittanceadvice.aspx – For Type of Business, Please select the medcaid provider if you www.hipaacriticalcenter.com/resources/technicalinformation/whichconnectivitydoyouwant.aspx to the Professional Supplier subsidiary – If you are on CMS 1500 Forms – Fill the last page with all the additional providers you would like to switch to your identifier, Please specify the main contact person`s name for your office as a primary and primary technical contact For the type of business, choose what is applicable to you – check the “No” box and indicate that you are not using a clearing house or settlement statement, enter your assigned entry ID into the sender`s identification number field – Enter your demographic information. , Tax ID, IDENTIFIANT NPI and Provider – 837P Business Claims, If you charge for CLIENT CLIENT software, please enter “Use Axiom`s SSH Key” Billing Service – If you are a billing for other providers – 835 if you would like to receive your transfer instructions (EOB` requested electronically for action), select “New Commercial ID” NPI number and faclity address – Please select the order ID or NPI for aggregation preference and enter the number “Use Axiom`s IP address” for the customer`s static public IP address. If you have any questions about any of the documents in this package, call the Technical Assistance Centre at 1-800-868-2505 – please leave the box with the authorized official. , Print your name and sign the app – please check “yes” for the following transactions, depending on the type of request: Please note: AXIOM Please do not complete the “SFTP/VPN survey,” but if you are still asked to do so, see the instructions below… – Please enter today`s date as “filing date” and “requested date” for requested transactions, select what applies to your sector: New applicants can empty the business partner`s ID – Please check “No” on the other side of the options shown on the right. Enter the SFTP section: If you have problems accessing the link above, you can download the app directly to your website by going here: www.scdhhs.gov/resource/electronic-data-interchange-edi For Industry, please choose BCBSSC Commercial Please leave the VPN section (left of the table) Empty for the service address Please enter the current date as the start date and leave the empty end date.